Love Letters

The truth is–you already have it!

A love letter from Jesus



Even though your enemy tried to drown you with the compression of opposing attacks–like underwater volcanos spitting out lava in the darkness of a trench–it has failed. Your enemy didn’t realize that the deep pressure was the birthing place of your biggest blessings and that you are radiantly transforming! 


Don’t worry about a thing, just keep swimming by faith and keep going. I am willing to do all that you need. I will be the oxygen to help you breathe underwater and I will answer your prayers with generosity and lavish love.  


Allow Me to take you into the profound wonders of faith, like deep diving into the furthest regions of the Marianna trench. Your life will transform into a vision of excessive beauty and it will be unrecognizable from what it was before. 


Don’t put faith in those problems, but put your faith in Me to deliver a miracle for you! That oppositions that you see will soon collapse under their own lack of substance. 


Begin your prayer in the confidence of fulfillment and call forth what doesn’t seem there as though it already were. What you believe will become fulfilled! Know that your prayers have already been accepted. It is only your unbelief that is holding them back.


Believe in the unbelievable–there is nothing that cannot be done. Make yourself free from the pressure by putting your prayer in My care to be accomplished. By yourself– you can do nothing–but with My help all things are possible. I will handle all of the details as you rest securely in My arms. 


My power will flow through your all-abandoned faith, like a chicken fertilizing a hen’s egg to bring new life to a chick baby. The fulfillment will come to the surface on its own, like a baby chick breaking through the eggs shell to be born. 


Letting go is an act of pure love. Let go of the fear of non-fulfillment and surrender your doubts once and for all. Abandon yourself to My love and let go of every resistance. Move beyond your worries and step into the answer to prayer. 


I am taking you into the depths of a great abundance, where there are plentiful holothurian sea cucumbers without the competition of harvesting with others. You’ll feast on a richness unlike any other as you test the unseen depths of My personal devotion. 


Things are not as they appear and nothing is as it seems. There are hidden riches scattered all over the sea floor and sunken treasures of opulent gems to be discovered. What you have prayed for will truly arrive–and even sooner than you think or realize. At the right and exact moment, it will come without planning. The truth is–you already have it! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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