Love Letters


A love letter from the Father



Although you have been well acquainted with the sorrows of living in survival, that is not where you are anymore. The recent struggles that you have endured are just the past trying to come back and attach to you again. 


Even though you suffered before, things are not the same anymore. I made you a promise and the sorrow of survival is no longer where you will be living. 


Don’t worry about what you need, but rest here with Me. I will refresh you and fill you lavishly for you to continue on your journey. There are hidden riches that are being revealed and surprise blessings will no longer be secret. 


Take a deep breath and quiet your doubts, everything will be just as I promised. I am opening your eyes to see that what I promised was not as far away as you thought. 


I’ll never let you down or fail to keep My vows. Don’t settle for less, because I have blessed you with more. Count on seeing even better than you hoped! 


My all-consuming love is taking over your troubles, as I reach out to help you move forward. I can do more than you can imagine, you know! The new life that I promised is starting to emerge. Look and see how it reaches the surface! 


Watch and see how your comforts of living start going up and up. I will make sure that you overflow, as I give you water gushing from out of a rock. You’ll be well provided in every way for the rest of your life. 


I’ll pour My generosity into your life in a great abundance. You will be soothed and comforted from the past and you’ll be able to share those comforts with others who need them. 


Everything will change in an instant! You’ll be taken by surprise with unexpected gems and secretly stored-up blessings. My lavish support will continue to expand more and more. 


What was hidden before is being revealed and My gift to you will no longer be a secret. You will soon see your new life flourish from out of nowhere. I will fill you up with underground springs that flow up into a new way of living. 


You’ll forget the hardships as though they never were and things will be as you never have known. The waters of support will keep rising up and no longer go down– until you can no longer contain it all alone.




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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