Love Letters

Surprised by the Night

A love letter from the Father



You don’t have to fear or worry about what to expect as we move ahead. I won’t let you down from the high seat where I have placed you and I am right beside you to help. 


What was sent to harm you is now going to bless you, like a black hole that tries to take light captive, but then releases a gaseous outflow that causes a bright stellar nursery of new stars to be born. 


Every attack of the present and past has been reversed to help you. The oppositions have changed in your favor and the assaults that were resisting you are now going to bless you. 


My love support is inexhaustible and endless. Don’t worry about running out because there will always be more and more coming in. 


Like a sparking starfield held together by gravity, My promises have been perfectly arranged to materialize for you one right after another. Everywhere you look, beauty will emerge, like light-reflecting moon flowers blooming all at once.


You can count on My faithful protection and loving support to flow out continuously time after time. You’ll be held and comforted with only the best. All that you need will come easy as I reveal My extra generous touch.


You’ll be captivated by the hidden abundance that shows up during this time, like firefly squid emitting pale-like to reveal a coastline covered in tangible beauty like glittering aquamarine gemstones and blue diamonds. 


You’ll continue to be filled and brimming with beauty, like shimmering streams of stars that reach into space with no end. Like moving into warp speed, you’ll see blessings arriving faster than you have ever seen. 


I will exceed your expectations and overwhelm you with details too wonderful to describe. You will be refilled and comforted–again and again with blessings and more blessings. 


I’ll surprise you in this night season when you cannot see how far away anything is or from the direction it will be coming. I’ll show up swiftly like a night owl quietly delivering the very best gifts that I promised to give. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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