Love Letters

Much Earlier Than You Expected

A love letter from the Father



You never need to worry about your needs–because you are now going to experience being blessed to prosper in every season. I know it can be tempting to imagine all that could go wrong when moving ahead into the unknown and unfamiliar things. But hold onto hope and think about only the best coming to you.


Never doubt My love for you. Place your cares into My hands and live without a single worry as you trust in My ever-present support. I will never drop you or change My vows. You can be sure that I will always be here as your best Friend to help and carry you through this. 


Just as the positive pressure of warmer temperatures causes maple sap to flow out of the tree, use your thoughts as a pressure point to activate your faith and think about what you hope for being done. 


Like positive energy radiating throughout the tree, causing the sap to rise upwards from the roots towards the flourishing crown, a steady flow will be released as you hope and trust in Me with the faith of optimistic thinking. 


Relax into My promises, as the joy of fulfillment flows out. Anything that you ask will come to pass for you as you rest in being securely loved. Count My words as done and expect good things! Things will go smoothly from here on out. 


Greet Me with gratitude as you believe, like adorning yourself in the comforting thoughts of pearl buttons from the lustrous nacre from a mollusk shell. 


You will be comforted and relieved with more than you hope. I’ll give you pearls of joy to replace the discomforts and worry. My lavish support will pour out like sweet sap running down a maple tree to fill you with better than you believed.


Things will spring up sooner than you think and much earlier than you expected. I have so much prepared for you during this time! I have hidden wealth reserved to comfort you, like the aragonite crystals buried within the nacre layers of a shell. Expect the unexpected as new blessings arrive. 





Scribed by Dannette Ward


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