Love Letters

New Beginning

A love letter from the Father



My dear one, how long will you hold onto the pain of what you have been going through? Before fully experiencing the fulfillment of the new life that I have promised you, it is important to release yourself from the weight of all that burdens you. 


Too much weight is not good and those heavy burdens are not meant for you to carry. It is like a giant whale that no longer has the strength to haul the weight of her heavy body to the surface. Instead of swimming up for air, she will slowly drown under the weight and pressure that encompasses her. 


Don’t allow the fear of suffering again or the memories of past disappointments keep you from fully believing and receiving the abundant life that I promised. Lay down every need, fear, and troubling worry into My hands. Trust Me to take care of you with the deepest affections and let’s begin again. 


Like a mother whale returning to the place where she encountered the pain of losing her baby to sing song that can be heard for miles under the water–release the anguish that you have been feeling and let’s move into a brand new beginning.


This is a new day–unlike anything that you have been through before. I have given you My word that this time is different and I promised to fill you with more. I am reviving you with a greater increase than you have had before. 


You are not remaining in a famine, but you will thrive and flourish with exceedingly more than you ever hoped. Things are not as they seem! This is the secret place of a miraculous new beginning! I am going to show you just how much this was worth waiting for!


Be confident in My love and stay doubtless in My promises, like a baby whale that must swim to the surface the moment that she has been born. Swim forward fervently with a heart full of faith and fill your lungs with fresh air from a brand new day! 


I am with you, My love! You are going to love this chapter more than any before! Take the risk and welcome the new, as if nothing bad ever happened to you. Believe in what I promised and trust that it is already here. Expect to be filled with so much more because everything is new and more beautiful than before. 



Scribed by Dannette




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