Love Letters

Where the Mountain Meets the Sea


A love letter from Jesus


I have taken you too far for you to doubt Me now. You have seen all that I have done for you, My beautiful bride, and how I have carried you on eagle’s wings and set you up high.Β 


I will not fail you in any way or leave you without support. Instead, I will activate My powerful plan to rescue you and cause you to experience what you are hoping for at last.Β 


Resist looking down with doubtful thoughts and you’ll lose the fear of falling from this high mountain top. Inhale deeply and remember that I love you–as you let go of every hesitation, fear, and worry.Β 


Remember this, the opposite of your fears is a promise. Making decisions in fear gives doubt control of your life but if you move ahead with confident faith–you will see miracles arrive.Β 


You are so loved! I am lifting you up to an exceedingly high place. You’ll be blessed over the top, as I pile on the rewards of your climb. On the mountain of the Lord, it will be seen and provided!Β 


I’ll show up with just what you need and even more than what I have promised. Keep thinking that your hopes will happen, as I prosper you in the same place where you experienced afflictions.Β 


You never know what you might encounter when you trust Me as your provider! I am putting you high above the crest of the mountains, where you can witness your promises coming into view.Β 


I will personally show you the wonderful place where the mountains meet the sea of My endless love. You’ll see secret treasures of the sea revealed like glittering hematites found in an abundance.Β Β 


Where the mountain meets the sea, there will be a spectacular sight to see! Hidden riches will be found, where the sand glitters like shiny diamonds.Β 


With each step ahead, you’ll see the colors changing like a rainbow. There will be so many layers of My intentional love as the details are unearthed with rich hues of ochre, brilliant green, and turquoise.Β 


From the mountain to the sea, you’ll see the newness of your life coming to be, like dazzling sunlight falling upon the depths of rich Azure waters. You’ll be immersed with an early release of an abundance that shimmers as an endless expanse.Β 


Like the tide that forever flows in, you’ll continue to increase and prosper with more than you knew. You’ll still be filling up on what I give you now–when the new supply of secret riches arrives.Β 


Out of nowhere, beauty will be materialized, as the waves of the sea become washed in pink. You’ll increase with a plethora sooner than you think! I will openly bless you before the eyes of many as I raise you as My beloved bride.Β 




Scribed by Dannette


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