Love Letters

Extra Big Comfort

A love letter from the Father



Darling child, before you even formed the words to pray, an answer was given. Before you had this request the provision was made ready. 


Let nothing cause you to worry, I will be a Hero to deliver what you are needing. Yes–I will be right there to help you in a hurry. It would be good for you to look back and recall the times when I did just as you prayed. 


I will not leave you wanting, but I will show up with the fulfillment of what you are seeking. Indeed–I will be extra generous and spread out a feast to cover everything!


Choose to have faith despite how uncomfortable you may feel. Be hungry with faith and I will meet you with the same hunger to fulfill your longings with so much more. 


I will deliver lavishly more than you have asked! Have faith in what you prayed about and celebrate as if it was already done. I’ll help you and serve you an elaborate banquet of My intentional love. 


Trace your thoughts around what you hope for, like planting pumpkin seeds for a gigantic harvest of comfort. You’ll be sure to experience so much more than you have hoped, like enormous pumpkins emerging from the gigantic vine’s sudden growth. 


I will fill the air for you to breathe with all of the sweet spices and comforts of fall. Instead of worrying about your needs, you’ll be warmed from the past heartaches as I bring out an abundant harvest. . 


I will relieve your troubles and worries with an extra big surprise! You’ll be excessively comforted as the answers to your prayers bloom out to the surface, like the orange funnel-shaped blossoms of flowering pumpkins. 


You can rest assured that I will show up with extra big comforts! It will be so lovely! You’ll embrace the tangible rewards of your faith, like enjoying the warm comforts that are as sweet as pumpkin pie. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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