Love Letters

My Grace Will Help You Again

A love letter from the Father



Even though it looks like the road is and will become barren ahead, do not look to what you currently see or what the world has said. My Grace will help you again! I will be right beside you to deliver so much more than you would expect. 


I have hidden riches set aside for this time, like an underground root system preparing to cause a plethora of flowers to sprout up. Although you cannot see where My hand is at or where the immense support will come from, trust in My power to cause all things to become possible! 


My love is intertwined with the details of your life, like the underground roots of a flower twirling all things to become better than you believed. I am reversing the loss and destruction from what the locusts have devoured. 


Never doubt what I can do, I’ll pour out support in so many ways that you will be extraordinarily blessed! So make choices by faith and not by the lack that you see or what the world is projecting. 


This will not be a time of lowness or barely surviving–instead, this will be a time when My children prosper and thrive beyond all logic! I’ll personally reveal the ancient double doors of hidden wealth and I will give you much more than you can contain all by yourself! 


My grace will help you again and be the explosive power in the place of your need. Remember that your weakness and need is where you are strong and where you will be incredibly blessed! 


Suddenly the landscape around you will transform into a dream, as bluebonnet flowers emerge with exquisite beauty! You’ll see what I have been doing in the silence and your faith and prosperity will flourish to leave the whole world speechless. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward 




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