Love Letters

Ripe with Fulfillment

A love letter from Jesus



Once again, you have nothing to worry about. My promises will bloom again and lift you back up. Have some faith in Me–I will rescue you again and fill you with comforting relief. 


Allow Me to put your mind at ease, I am going to do something extra generous for you to turn the bitterness that you feel into something exquisitely sweet. You’ll treasure this gift as you see the sweetness emerge from My vows deep within. 


Take a deep breath and let go of your fears and thoughts of disbelief. Release your worries and needs to Me and I will take care of everything, like the strong root that holds up the enormous weight of a tall tree. Although you are weary and ready to stop, I am moving you to the other side to encounter what you have hoping for the most. 


Rest in My ever-present love as I refill you again. I will give you a much-desired rest and ample time to recapture your breath. Things will turn around swiftly for you–as My promise produces abundant fruit all on its own. 


Things are not as they seem. I will use the bitterness of your needs to draw out the sweetest indulgence of soothing relief. You’ll see the bitterness of those needs touched by instant sweetness, like sour Granny Smith apples pollinating the sweetest Fuji apples. 


A lot has been happening that you don’t even know about, like roots spreading out with rapid growth underground. Hidden water is reaching the surface, like secret rivers brimming with refreshing water and spreading out everywhere. 


You’ll see beauty in an abundance and fruit falling to the ground without any effort. I will honor and defend you and your reputation. I will prove that you are right in My eyes and I’ll show the world how much I love you! 


Don’t despair, dearest darling, you are blooming again! Like a Christmas cactus with spectacular pink flowers that spill over to the floor, I’ll cause you to see even more blessings than you ever have before. 


Celebrate, My treasured love, because the bare root fruit season is here! You’ll be bathing in the sweetest fragrance, as I alleviate your grief and frustrations. You’ll eat the fruit of your answered prayers, like enjoying the richness of Chocolate Persimmons of the rarest sweetness. 


Look for the most delectable blooms to emerge, as the fruit trees are suddenly adorned with cascading blossoms. I will instantly lift you up and refresh you with My liberating love and your joy will outlast every memory of hardship. 


This time will be much bigger than you know and fresh juice will pour out effortlessly, like picking mulberries straight from the branch. The season is ripe for fulfillment–despite how it looks. Prepare to encounter My most personal and intentional love as I cause beauty to bloom all over again. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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