Love Letters

Cocoon of Change

A love letter from the Father




A caterpillar eats and eats all day long, simply accepting her unpleasant conditions and pestering problems. Until one day her desire to fly becomes greater than remaining in her old ways of living. At that point, she finally stops eating and spins herself into a cocoon of a new life transformation. 


Once she enters the cocoon—there is no turning back. She can no longer think about what she is leaving behind. She can no longer focus on the troubles of being a lonely caterpillar. When the caterpillar is in the cocoon, she no longer gives thought or attention to the uncomely life that she once knew. 


Instead of the worries, sorrows, and needs of a caterpillar life, she places her attention on being a butterfly that flies into a higher dimension of life in abundance. The caterpillar puts all of her focus on the beauty that has been hidden within her and being a butterfly with no limits. 


Like being in a cocoon of complete concentration, the caterpillar’s old life is replaced with the beauty of a new vision. The caterpillar did not fight against her old caterpillar problems, but instead, she used all of her energy to focus on the new life that she was promised. 


Like a caterpillar with butterfly genes hidden within her, what I have promised you is a gift that has already been given. It is sure a thing and it will happen when you are ready to truly accept it. The new you is already there–waiting in the unseen to unfold and come to the surface. 


To fully see your life match what I promised, you must enter into the cocoon of transformation, where the new life is your only focus of attention. Once you enter the cocoon of change–there is no turning back by giving attention to needs, worries, or present troubles.


There is no more doubt in the cocoon, because once you are in the cocoon–the new life has already become you. Beloved, come into the cocoon of change and let Me wrap you in the fulfillment that you crave. Lose the weight of every problem for good and let go of every fear, doubt, and worry. I’ve got you!  


Don’t fight against the same old problems, but draw out the beauty of what I have promised. Instead of being troubled about all of your needs and bad conditions, focus on what I promised and a new life will break through to the surface. 


The movement within is what causes the external changes to occur. Believe that what I promised is true and trust it to happen for you. As you purposely change your thoughts, you will begin to feel the new life happening in and around you.


Think about what you hope for and rest in that outcome, as you align yourself with My promise. Your hopeful optimism will rapidly grow into the faith of seeing materialized results. All that you need is hidden within and it is not for you to worry about how I will make it happen. 


I will cause My power to flow from your weakness and you will emerge into a breathtaking new-life transformation. It’s already here–so step into the promise! Close your eyes to those problems and needs—and see yourself become the way that you have dreamed to be! 


Don’t worry about how long it will take, I can change everything in an instant! Time will be rapidly reversed as if those problems never even occurred. I will do more than you have ever dreamed and I will cause your life-changing beauty to put every critic to shame. 


Wrap yourself in the new life that I promised and allow yourself to awaken to the life of your dreams. I’ll give you back what has been worn and wasted. Not only will you become just what I promised–but I will make your life even more beautiful than you have ever seen, thought, or considered! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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