Love Letters

An Even Greater Rise

A love letter from Jesus



My precious bride, allow yourself to relax as I cause you to rise. My plans for you will be better than a dream come true and the heights of where I will take you are too good to even tell! 


Allow yourself to be completely vulnerable as you surrender to this destiny. Trust in My protection and know that I would not hurt you and you are safe here in My Sovereign love. Once you accept to trust My plan, you will see that rising up will be the most spectacular way to travel! 


You are no longer going to be inhaling the ash and dust from the fire–instead, you will see even more beauty and much greater honor. I am going to settle the attacks against you. Those who have claimed to love Me–but lie–will see that you are My treasure.


I will show them that I have been with you all along as I cause you to rise up to unfathomable heights in My most sacred love. You’ll receive back the beauty of your name and I will restore your honor and increase your status and reputation. No one can touch you–My beloved bride. 


Settle into Me as you start your ascent, don’t worry, it won’t be anything like you dread. Nothing that you fear will come close to the surface, instead, you will be immersed in the calming serenity of My personal affections as your hopes become tangible. 


I’ll cause beauty to cover the places where the fire once devoured. Instead of going through more torment and attacks, blessings will pile up like a blanket of snow and everything will look new at last. 


The flame that you have endured will be the fuel that causes you to rise higher. You’ll be repaid for all the torment and this time will be brimming with cheerful excitement and rest. 


You are surrounded by My loving protection at all times. As you rapidly rise it won’t even feel like you are moving. You’ll feel the security of My embrace, like resting in the stability of a perfectly guarded place. 


Your dreams will start to come true–and you’ll see that there was nothing to fear. Finally, you’ll be so close that you can reach out and touch the air! You’ll know the intimacy of My presence in a brand new way, like encountering the surreal quietness far above the clouds in an open space. 


My beautiful one, are you ready for Me to raise you with honor? Lay the weight of your troubles and needs on Me–as I cause you to rise up lighter than a feather. 


The heated warmer under the balloon will keep you constantly comfortable–no matter how cold the air gets in the upper atmosphere. You’ll be able to see what I have promised in this place–like sunlight shining directly onto your face. 


There is nothing that I cannot do–so trust Me to answer every prayer for you! Release your prayers with great big faith–it is the confidence in what you hope for and the proof of what you cannot yet see. Let those prayers fly away to Me, like blowing dandelion seeds out into the air you breathe. 


It is a common tradition to drink a celebratory drink when the balloon starts to rise, so begin to celebrate with gratitude as you believe that your prayers are already realized. 


I am going to give you the big show in the sky—as I openly defend you and raise you high! You’ll be laughing so big as I cause you to prosper with the gold from My promise. True gold from Me that has survived the refining fire. 


I will cause you to rise into your promised blessings and they will remain with you–always protected–like being frozen in time. 


Get ready to take it all in! The view will be better than you have ever seen and too wonderful to describe. You are lifting off to travel higher and higher–as you ascend to an even greater rise. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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