Love Letters

Stay Committed to Hope

A love letter from the Father



My dear heart, I know this isn’t easy to walk through and you have had more than enough. Let Me comfort you by showing you just what you can expect to come. 


I am with you now and I am by your side as you walk through the dark and fearful nights. Although the fears of all that could go wrong may be present during the moments of darkness, those fears will fade away and only the outcome of your hopes will remain.


Stay in the lighted path of hope and you’ll be undisturbed in the presence of My love. Keep your thoughts on what I have promised, as your eyes adjust to see through the darkness. I will give you the outcome that you hope for, so stay fear free as you trust Me with confident faith and child-like trust. 


Place the uncertainties of worry and feelings of being uneasy underneath what I promised. Allow My vows to be the only place of your focus and stay committed to believing in what you hope to be done. 


Remember, beloved one, I can do anything! I will ensure that endless blessings and favor flow to you in an abundance from all different directions. I am the One who gave you this promise and I am also able to provide extra-generous provisions. 


Don’t allow doubt to give you discomfort in the darkness. Rest easy and take a deep breath, there will always be more pouring from My endless support. You’ll be just fine for this time and I will overwhelm you with more blessings than you can imagine. 


You’ll have more than you hope as I hand deliver a one-of-kind gift from My personal devotion. I’ll make My generosity plain as day and cause you to live off of My lavish love by sending you gift after gift after gift. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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