Love Letters

Old and New Prayers

A love letter from the Father





I know that you are tired and ready for this path to fulfillment to finally end. Indeed it has taken longer than you thought and has cost more endurance than you ever dreamed. 


Don’t allow the delays to cause to you to lose hope in the fulfillment of what you have prayed. I never forget anything and I am still holding onto your old and new prayers. 


Like a rare and exquisite pink diamond, there was a reason for the wait. The pink diamond is one of the most valuable diamonds because it has endured even more pressure, and more heat, and has had the longest wait.  


The ways that I deliver the provisions for your needs are not for you to feel bad or ashamed for. You must stop seeing yourself as a burden and see how carefully and attentive I am carrying you! 


I will lavishly reward those who have helped you on your journey and I will embarrass those who have opposed you. I am the One who is comforting you, so what is there to worry about? 


Seeing your prayers come to pass is like becoming a butterfly that flutters into the highest place of miracles coming to pass. Before you are ready to see your prayers fulfilled, you need to release yourself of the unneeded weight. 


Place your burdens and needs into My care and trust Me to give you the outcome you hope for with an answer to your prayers. Let go of the guilt and shame from your time of being carried. See that it was always My hand holding you safe and sending provisions for the journey. 


Like a butterfly floating up in the sky, trust that your prayers are already answered and flutter into the belief that they are there. Trust Me to answer your prayers–both the old and the new. 


I am going to reveal the treasures of long-suffering, as I unearth your prayers like rare pink diamonds. The pressure that the pink diamond has endured from the long wait caused the gem to be compressed so intensely, that only pink light could shine through to create the beauty of a pink diamond. 


Because you have waited so long and endured so hard, I will overcompensate you with extra comforting rewards. You’ll see your prayers coming true–both old and new. I will deliver gigantic blessings out of My secret riches and open up treasures of opulent jewels. 


Not only will I answer your prayers for this time–but I will also answer prayers that you requested long ago. There is nothing that you need to do to bring this about. Out of the blue– it will happen for you–and it is going to happen all on its own.




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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