Love Letters

Hope Grows Through Anything

A love letter from the Father



Despite how unsettled you may feel or the surrounding circumstances causing worries and fears–I will cause your hopes to rise up and flourish with an ultimate experience of calming relief. 


Hope and anticipate My goodness, like a lotus flower abounding in all conditions. The lotus can withstand the coldest freeze, as long as her roots stay secure in the water. 


Your hope will grow through anything, like a lotus that can endure the hottest sun, when most cannot. Think about what you hope for because hope grows through anything. 


Your hopes are an action of your faith that reaches deep into My heart. Like a lotus plant reaching over the murky water, your hopes will touch the desired fulfillment. 


Celebrate in your hopes being done, like a lotus flower reblooming every morning far above her opposing environment. Forget about the past disappointments, everything is new! 


You will not be put to shame or disappointed and I will make this happen for you! Something unexpected is approaching and nothing is ever going to be the same. 


You’ll be restored to an abundance with a miracle that exceeds all of your expectations. Not only will I do as you hope, but I will cause you to experience freedom, gratitude, and intense satisfaction. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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