Love Letters

Extraordinary Blessing

A love letter from the Father



My darling child, I know that this time has been difficult and you are desperate to be relieved of the heat and tension. So I am going to pick you up and carry you to an extraordinary fulfillment. 


Breathe easy, what I have proclaimed is happening. At any moment, everything can change. I will lift you up from being down and be the help where you need it. Things started to come in slow, but they are going to go out fast. 


I will suddenly lift you up and empower you with My all-encompassing love that lasts! There will be more than you expect and what you expect cannot even compare to the unexpected gift that I send. 


The fulfillment that you expect will be a cooling relief of much-needed comfort. The expected fulfillment is just the beginning of a new way of living. I am delivering a double surprise and the unexpected blessing will completely change your life. 


I will lift you up and honor you in the sight of the people who knew you. You will ascend before their eyes and they will be winded and in wonder. It will be fully apparent that you are a true prophet of My heart who is highly respected. 


I will justify you to the people who abused you, misjudged you, and refused to understand. I will compensate for the times when you didn’t get the regard and acknowledgment that you deserved. 


Trust fully in My love as you let the pain of the past go. It’s time to start over! You are recovering the losses of the past. I’ll fill you with an abundant supply that will have positive effects on every aspect of your life. 


I have arranged extraordinary blessings for you and it will all come tumbling towards you — like a stupendous blast of fluffy white snow. Unexpectedly things will take another shape and nothing will be as it was–nothing will be as you knew them. 


Sometimes when you don’t see it coming–something unbelievable occurs. I will take you by surprise and cause you to rise into an extraordinary life.


Be looking for something incredible and prepared for an unexpected change. I will show up to deliver instant and wonderful extraordinary blessings and don’t be surprised if they arrive sooner than you think! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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