Love Letters

You Will See

A love letter from Jesus



Don’t be worried about anything. I will continue to hold you up and fulfill My promises. Lean into the winds of opposition, lean into the fears. Move forward with confident faith, even when you are feeling afraid. 


I will always give you the opposite of what you fear and cause the sweetness of My love to appear. Believe and trust for good things to arrive–remember–best friends don’t lie. 


I will keep you protected and safe as you enjoy a spacious and free life. In the hardships–you’ll flourish with more than enough and in the droughts–I’ll cause abundant springs to flow out from the rocks. 



Relax into this–I will help you! I’ll lift you up above the attacks and I’ll give you blessings, blessings, blessings! There will be more than you have asked or dreamed.


You’ll see . . .trust Me to deliver My words and follow through with you. Not only will you be relieved with joy from what I do, but you will load up on hidden riches showing up for you. 


Expect Me to arrive and provide you with everything precious and beautiful! I’ll adorn you in the finest fabrics and cause you to feast on the best-tasting things. Your heart’s desires are coming! 


I have done it before and now I will do it again! I’ll treat you generously and cause you to rise as a legendary beauty. You’ll be an example of what happens to someone who trusts in Me. Before your very eyes…you will see. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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