Love Letters

Starting Over

A love letter from the Father




Don’t lose hope just yet, the answer to your prayers will show up at any moment. You are moving into an easier time and your needs will be covered and under your feet. 


Of course, I will help you and fulfill your prayers! Don’t worry about how to get by, even if there seems to be no visible way for you to survive. You are always connected to My promise and My words will emerge to support you–time after time. 


Don’t get overwhelmed by looking so far ahead. Just keep trusting My love–step after step. Things will only get better from here. My vow to you is endless and will never fail to hold you up. 


It’s time that we restored things, don’t you think? I’m undoing the warfare that was against you and causing the attacks to become an even greater blessing. 


I am replacing the slander and criticism with honor–twice the honor! I am bringing back those who had turned away and creating more streams of blessings. 


Sometimes change looks like losing at first. Things were just being rearranged, so don’t be afraid. Things are not as they seem. 


You have made it to new ground and there will be heightened encounters with My personal love. I have been making a beautiful new foundation for you to live comfortably. 


Didn’t I always say that every attack against you would become a place of immense blessings? Things are getting better and not worse! Instead of barely scraping by, you’ll rise up with great wings to fly high above the low levels of living. 


I am defending your name and putting things back the way that they should be. I will bring back your losses and cause you to expand into better than you could even ask or think. 


The past will no longer hold you back. Just because you endured great pain, doesn’t mean your future cannot become better than you have dared to dream. 


Rest in My promise and simply accept My gift of endless support. You don’t have to struggle or strain to cause it to become tangible. Remember how I have always cared for you and expect to see even better than what was. 


This is not the end of encountering My supportive love, this is just the ground shifting into a brand new beginning. You are lifting off into even greater heights! I am opening up happier memories and helping you start over— it will be as if you never suffered at all—not even a day.   



Scribed by Dannette

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