Love Letters

Never a doubt

A love letter from the Father



Never let a doubt place a question in your mind. Have faith and relax into My love without worry. Nothing that you fear will be done–you are surrounded and protected by My wrap-around love. 


Let go of every fear and worry–never allow doubt to take over your thoughts. Keep focused on My promises as you stand tall and confident like a sunflower facing the sun. 


When you pray, trust that I will answer and fulfill your request. Just because it didn’t happen yet, doesn’t mean that it won’t. Have a little faith in Me and believe that I will show up. 


Trust in the freedom of My support and know that it will never go low and never run out. I have a surprise and soon you’ll see there are no limits with Me. 


Never let a doubt enter your thoughts. There will always be more than enough! Trust My intentional love–even when you don’t see from where it will come. 


Kick your feet back and let out a great big sigh of relief. I will go beyond all that you have imagined and comfort you like a teddy bear sunflower with two blooms in one. 


It’s not over yet, so don’t let go of your hope. At any minute, things can turn around. I did not forget what you asked me to do and this can still happen to you! 


Hold onto faith and be on the lookout for a miracle change. Instead of receiving the things that you fear or dread, I will deliver twice the comforts to help you feel better all over again. 




Scribed by Dannette

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