Love Letters

Freeing Restrictions

A love letter from Jesus



There is nothing that escapes My eyes and I am aware of every negative plot, plan, and attack. Every curse and attack will become a blessing and you’ll receive abundantly more than you have thought. 


I have you protected on every side and there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop My blessings for your life. Those who come against you have come against Me and I will step in to make things right. 


I will reward you for the warfare and delays. I will send you twice the compensation to further exceed all former blessings and make up for the struggle and pain. 


I love you! I’m on your side, so don’t even worry about anything else. I’ve got you covered! I’ll supply all of your needs and free you from the restrictions that have attempted to hold you back. 


I am freeing up the restrictions and putting a release of held-up blessings. My lavish support will spread over every detail of your life and I will cause your reputation to grow as I hold you high. 


I am releasing you from the grip of attacks and freeing the restrictions that were holding you back. What held up is surging forward as an enormous load of limitless support right into your hands. 


You are going to need a bigger boat to receive all of the provisions that I pour out. You are being filled with blessings upon blessings–like a fisherman that pulls in an overflowing catch. 



Scribed by Dannette



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