Love Letters

Love in Motion

A love letter from the Father



My dear little darling, do not be fooled by how empty and barren this time may seem. Do not be worried or afraid when there appears to be nothing coming and no way to survive through your needs. 


Remain hopeful and shake off the urge to doubt or worry. Things are not as they look or seem. It is like reaching beyond the sunlight in the twilight zone of the ocean, far beyond where the fishers can reach. 


Although this time may seem frigid and uninhabited like the mesopelagic zone, it is the secret place of abundance where over 95% of the ocean fish like to hide. 


Even if you have no foreseeable way to survive, I will not desert you. You can trust in My endless love to always appear. My love will never leave you empty. Instead, I will fill every need that you have out of My unlimited supply. 


This may feel like a place of death or hardship, but this is a place where you will be endowed with the immensity of hidden riches. Stay confident in My promise beyond any doubt. There is never anything that can ever separate you from My vows of love and support. 


You can always depend on My promise to show up like the predictable trade winds that create the currents. I will support you with My intentional love like steady flowing ocean currents that are always circulating over and over. 


You can expect an abundance and a continuous flow of effortless support. I will generously provide all you need and your resources will never dry out. 


Just as dense water starts to sink beneath the surface when cold temperatures come and are immediately replaced with more ocean water– whatever you release will always come back with more. Your cup will continue to be refilled over and over as My love supports you in a circular motion. 


Whether you realize it or not, your dream is coming to life. I am raising up what seemed lost, like the ocean currents delivering nourishment to organisms and bringing reproductive cells to a new place and causing them to burst with new life. 


There is more than meets the eye during this time–just trust Me on this! There is a plethora here despite how it looks. I will open your eyes to see the massive stashes of wealth that are concealed in this season. 


I will delight and amaze your expectations, like revealing rare and exquisite dragonfish with bioluminescent spot lamps and lanternfish that radiate their own lights to shine through the darkness. 


I will send provisions that you need, like ocean currents that flow like rapid rivers through trustworthy streams. I will flood you with wealth from all over the world, like scooping up the biomass of fish from the mesopelagic part of the ocean–where there are more fish than all of the ocean combined!


You will continue to see My deep love in motion, as I honor My vows to support you through every season. I will show you a continuous flow and deliver the fulfillment. You’ll fill up on secret riches again and you will see for yourself that My love will always provide.



Scribed by Dannette



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