Love Letters

Pressure into Fulfillment

A love letter from the Father


I have seen how you have endured the intensified heat and pressure as your faith was placed in the fire. Although there was discomfort, there was a purpose for it all. 


Like natural gas that escapes the pressure of the earth to create the wonder of a burning flame beside a refreshing waterfall, the pain and stress will ease into joy and peace as you pass from pressure into fulfillment.


Don’t be afraid of what you fear, My love and grace are always near and abundant to help. You won’t receive what you dread rather I will make your hopes tangible instead.


Like anxiously waiting for water to boil before cooking your food, a change is becoming visible. As you activate your faith to trust My promise during this trial, it is bringing out the materialized comfort of fulfillment. 


This journey begins and ends with faith. The heat of pressure from faith under fire is causing a sudden change in your environment–like like energy that is converted through the heating of water.


I am faithful to My promises and I will ensure that you experience My supportive comfort. Like cooking comfort food from pasta placed in boiling water, you will see My promise revealed. 


My power is becoming tangible through the helplessness that you may feel. Your faith is transferring the fulfillment out. You will soon see good news as I give you relief from the tension.  


You are about to experience My intentional love in many powerful ways. Something extremely beautiful will happen, as your faith is converted into fulfillment. 


Exhale out your worries, a relief is occurring. I am alleviating your discomfort and stress. I am soothing away your pain and giving you a taste of delectable comfort. Your pressures are ending and fulfillment is coming. 


I am going to show you an incredible expression of My love and faithfulness. You will taste My goodness as I serve you with a double portion of comfort and love. Miracle after miracle will occur right before your eyes. You’ll be relieved with joy as the good news arrives!  



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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