Love Letters

You Are Closer Than You Think

A love letter from the Father


Breathe deep. You are closer than you think and what you are waiting for is right between your fingertips. At any moment the unexpected will be revealed and a surprise door will re-open that doesn’t seem real. 


Focus beyond the walls closing in and the limitations that you feel. Forget about how it can be done and just accept that this is real. It is safe to let go of your fears and celebrate the relief. 


There is no need to stress over things that are out of your control. Just trust Me 100% to care for you and let your worries go. You can feel better knowing that I deliver all that you need ahead of when you need it and in plenty of time. 


I am giving you a second life–where beauty is returned in heaps and support comes effortlessly. Instead of struggling to survive, you will flourish richly. 


Stay positive! Think and imagine that you are already in the place where you hope to be. Keep thinking that your hopes will be done and bubble up with excitement as this promise comes out. 


You don’t need validation or approval from others. Just keep your eyes on Me and always trust in My loving-kindness to sort things out. Be confident in your beauty and the incredible destiny that I am revealing. 


Even after waiting so long, I will delight you with a sudden and instant change. Although the wait seemed endless, My words will be fulfilled in the bat of an eye.


It will be bigger than you dreamed, like a Night Queen flower that dramatically blooms overnight by using all of its reproductive energy in a short amount of time. 


The subtle but engulfing aroma of this blooming fulfillment will transform all worries from the night into a whimsical wonderland of pure delight. 


Keep believing, you are closer than you think! Out of nowhere, you will see the cushiony support that I promised emerge. The radiance of My words will be made tangible, shimmering in pink like a mushroom-shaped Kutnohorite gem. 


You’ll see everything change out of nowhere, like a plethora of mushrooms that appear overnight to adorn the forest floor and decorate the age-old trees. Like fungi helping plant life, many will prosper from the fulfillment of your faith. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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