Love Letters

Just As You Dreamed

A love letter from the Father


It may seem as if time is almost out and the days of happiness have come and gone. Where there was once a budding fresh flower, appears to be nothing but the dust of ash left from a disaster. 


You may think that your hopes are too far gone and the dream of your heart will never live on. Yet it will happen and your whole world will completely transform. 


I gave you a promise for Me to fulfill, not for you to feel sad over the bitterness that is here. This gift was never designed for you to do on your own, I only asked you to believe it as though it was true and real. 


The flower of elegance will blossom once again and what seemed impossible will open like a flower with extra big petals. Instead of grieving with bitterness, you will love your life again and realize the gift that was given. 


The hardship that you went through won’t matter anymore and you’ll completely forget the pain of suffering and hurting before. The weight will lift off of your chest and you’ll breathe deeper than you ever could. 


The change that you seek is pushing towards the surface and your heart’s desires will be fulfilled without any effort. What arrives will match the beauty of what I promised inside. 


So lay down your struggle and take the pressure off of yourself. Instead of giving attention to the undesirable, imagine yourself to be just as I promised. 


Focus is like the nourishing rain that waters the grass and the active faith of imagination nurtures the plant to grow very fast. So close your eyes to the pain and see the beauty of your dreams all around you. 


Sometimes the only way to really believe is to become like a child playing pretend who feels like she is someplace else dreaming again. 


Begin to abide and rest in My promises as though they were already done. Receive them in your heart by realizing that they are permanent and the troubles are not. 


Instead of crying over loss, deterioration, and hardships–-let your eyes water with the joy of what fulfillment would offer. See everything from the perspective of My promise as real and presently here. 


And though it may look as though the dream is dead and gone, the dormant seed will instantly wake up with just one whisper of My love. It will stand up tall and vigorously rise. In a time that you wouldn’t expect, there will be a miracle surprise. 


The unmatchable beauty of freedom will glisten immensely like a turquoise ocean and you’ll bask in the newness of your dream coming true with your head on a cloud ever so gently. 


I will give back the time that you lost and you’ll be adorned more than you have ever known or thought. For all of your trials and times of testing. I will reward you with a double crown dusted with shimmering gold. 


Your whole life will be completely rewritten and those that once disregarded you will see you so clearly. They will see My name written on your forehead and the honor that I have placed on you will draw out deep respect. 


It will be just as you have dreamed when no one was looking. It will be just as you prayed when you quietly wept. It will happen and it will come about on its own. 


I will bring out the bloom that I promised when you least expect it and at a time when it doesn’t seem possible. Nothing is over, not even close. There are no words to prepare you for this life-changing moment. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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