Love Letters

Love Always Finds A Way

A love letter from the Father



My dear one, don’t worry about how this will all work out. There is more than meets the eye on this barren-looking path. What I have told you will happen and nothing can change that. Everything is working for you to bring the beauty of My intentional promise.


I will bring alignment to those involved to cause a smooth delivery without setbacks or stalls. Like carving a river to create a clear path, all things will flow out perfectly to bring My promise to pass. 


Don’t be afraid, every detail of your life is surrounded by My Sovereign promise like a mother hen aggressively protecting her babies. Everything will be just as I proclaimed and My loving support will always flow where you need it to be. 


I am always watching you and always covering every need. My love is securely holding on to you and all that I promised to be. Place your hands in Mine and trust what I say. I won’t let you go or disappoint you in any way. 


My love always finds a way and My promise will always have the final say. I will lift you up into fullness once again, like the salty wind filling up your sails to help you move freely. 


Resist seeing this time by the painful experiences that you remember. The agonizing memories are being wiped away and the sorrow forgotten. You can expect to see things just as I proclaimed because everything is new today and all things have changed. 


Celebrate, it’s here! Be joyful that you will get what you hope for because hope is an uncommonly powerful thing! I will cause things to be as you long for them to be and I will startlingly move things to show you My powerful love covering your life.  


My love will always find a way and everything that I do will endure for all time. There is nothing that can be added to it and nothing can be taken away. Brace yourself to stand in awe of all that I have done! You will encounter exceptional gifts in so many forms and surprise treasures as you have never known. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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