Love Letters

Your Hopes Will Be Made Visible

A love letter from the Father



Be at peace, everything will turn out just as you hope. Lean into Me and just breathe and relax your shoulders. I will help you and comfort your needs. Now allow Me to help get things moving again. 


Like cutting a tree from the roots to stimulate growth and force it into bloom, let’s remove the areas that are causing restriction and lack of movement. Before you know it, the fulfillment will sprout out again from the cut and you’ll be blooming with more than you hoped or thought. 


Trim away the memories when you encountered pain from when your faith was in the flames. Forget every hurtful experience that you have been through and let your hopes be renewed. Hope will always come through–even beyond the strongest opposition.


Remove the thoughts that are not helping you. Toss away the dead and diseased wood by cutting out the negative thoughts of bad outcomes, fears, and doubts. Close your eyes to every dreadful worry and concentrate on receiving from the root of My promises.


An abundance will flow from your choice to have faith and trust Me. Don’t assume an outcome based on past disappointments or bad experiences. Remember My promise of abundant and fluid support. Like a river that never runs dry–you will be refilled and comforted–again and again.


The fulfillment will come out from this test of faith like a baby soothed and swaddled in the finest garments adorned with golden sequins. Just as the word “sequin” comes from the Arabic word sikka, meaning “coin”–I will reward your persistent faith to come out like pure gold coins directly from My hands. 


You will have what you hoped for and I will reward each moment that you chose to trust. You will see the dazzling beauty of each time you pressed your faith to believe, like beholding tangible gold to indicate and celebrate the achievement of passing this trial. 


My supportive love is dependable, no matter what you are facing. No matter what comes against you, you will prosper tremendously. I will cover each and every need you have just as I promised! I will generously provide everything and you’ll have plenty left over to share with others.


You won’t believe your eyes when you see what happens from your trust decision. My blessings will chase you down, like rich torrents of water pouring out. You’ll prosper in more ways than you would ever expect and I will fulfill My promised gift. 


Your hopes will be made visible, like gold coins falling from out of nowhere. I will cause it to rain immensely from My unbreakable vows and empower you with My never-ending wealth and ever-flowing support. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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