Love Letters

Trust Rewards

A love letter from the Father



I will rescue you with a fulfilled promise and save you from your fears coming true. Suddenly you’ll see the relief that you crave and the tangible rewards of your faith testing. 


By pressing your faith over your fears, you are clearing out room to receive the fulfillment of My trust rewards. You’ll exchange this momentary discomfort for revitalizing comforts, like discovering a sparkling emerald green lake in the crater at the top of an old volcano. 


I will bless you with sheer happiness in the same place where you put to death your worries and chose to have faith instead. The heat of this moment of faith over fears will transform into a pool of endless refreshing and rewards for your trust. 


Don’t try to understand how it can come or make sense of this with your mind. Forget about how impossible it looks and resist the urge to worry. Just take Me at My promise and relax into the gift and be immersed in the fulness of it. 


Realize that My promise is already yours and trust it to spring up when you need it. Feel the relief of My help, like water bursting from out of a rock in the sweltering desert that defies all logic. 


Open your heart to fully believe and receive. Give into the gratitude of your hopes coming to pass and unleash the thankfulness that you’ve been holding back. 



Outcomes that you love will emerge from your distress, like flowers and fruit growing directly on a cocoa tree’s trunk and large branches. You’ll drink the sweet relief of rich cocoa and receive opulent treasures of faith refined. 



All that I promised will be brought into view as I take you on a magnificent rise that is higher than anything that you ever knew. It will feel like walking in a dream as you are lifted above the white mist of clouds dipping into the tips of mountain ranges. 


I am going to open up My private reserve of support, where a flowing river hides beneath the boulders and rocks. You’ll be generously supplied with pristine waterfalls pouring out to feed the rivers and quench the ground. 


I’ll show you an abundance and exuberant beauty. Instead of struggling to survive, you’ll fill up on the hidden wealth of the secret imperial Jade mines. 


Like finding the ultimate treasure of one in 500 cocoa tree flowers containing a cocoa bean pod, I will send you an early surprise to answer your cries and bring you the ultimate sensation of relief, comfort, and trust rewards. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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