Love Letters

A Dream Encounter

A love letter from the Father



Lovely one, don’t panic. I will help you just as I promised. You can always depend on Me to show you My all-present love and rescue you from every disaster. I am always with you and always planning ahead.


Take a deep breath and trust in My timing. Don’t run ahead, but move with the flow of the light that I shine on each step ahead. Don’t be discouraged, do not fear. I know what I am doing and I won’t fail your dedication to trust. 


I am with you! Not only will I lift you back on your feet, but I will show up in a greater way than you could ever expect. I’ll make it big and put on a show of how much you are loved! I’ll quiet the mouths of those who stood against you and I will leave them speechless and in awe.


Yet again I will show up to reveal My Sovereign hand. I will cause blessings to flow to you and you’ll be filled to the brim with My help. Every valuable and every asset of wealth is in My grasp. You will watch in magnificence as I draw it out and place it into your hands. 


Don’t feel bad that nothing has happened yet–everything is about to change–all at once. Remember how powerful and almighty I AM. Oh yes–I will dazzle you with My personal love! I will give you what you have always dreamed to have. 


Like floating up into a castle in the clouds, I will give you a beautiful home with plenty of room for you to sing and dance! Although you cannot see anything yet, celebrate now and drink from the cup of unbridled joy. 


In an instant moment, everything will change and there will be blessings everywhere that you look. The most intimate encounter you’ve ever experienced will be brought out to you! 


A dream encounter will suddenly appear and you won’t be able to believe your eyes. Everything will turn out just as I promised! I will show up to give you a life-changing moment that happens in the blink of an eye. 




Scribed by Dannette


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