Love Letters

Bigger Than You Know

A love letter from the Father



Step into this new season with confidence and trust that you are in a new place where the support is always flowing and never runs out. I will continuously put back what you pour out and cause you to consistently overflow with the boundless support of My generous love.


Just as the golden sun supplies the energy to raise the waves from the ocean and fill the heads of rivers and trickling streams, I will always provide all that you need and more than you can ask, hope, or imagine.


Expect to see better and better, just as your faith is always growing bigger and bigger. My loyal love never ends and from the place where you filled, the water will return to fall onto you again. 


Move forward without hesitation or doubt. I have already prepared ahead to ensure that you are quickly rewarded for every act of trust and choice to let go. Forget the times when the waters went dry with hardship or when you walked through the valleys of humiliation and affliction. 


You have risen over that and I will not cause you to pass through it again. You will be refilled and comforted–again and again from the waterfall of My never-ending support. 


I’m here to ensure that you stay full and set you into the place that you would love to call home. I’ll be true to My word and provide you with protection from your fears coming to pass. I will bless you just as I vowed and your reward will be doubled with more than you thought. 


I will cause surprise gifts to appear in the place where your faith was in the fire, like glittering laters of agate formed within the empty pockets of volcanic igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock. 


A new chapter is about to begin and I am going to show you expansive beauty that you didn’t even know existed. It is all starting now and this will be even bigger than you know.



Scribed by Dannette Ward




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