Love Letters

Better Than You Ever Had

A love letter from the Father



Rest your mind and don’t worry about anything. This was only the beginning of the beginning. The blessings that you have already received were only a scratch on the surface. You are about to see even greater than this. 


So, rest easy knowing that I’ve got your back and I have already prepared ahead. My vow of abundant support will never change, like a traveler’s tree with leaves always pointing in the same direction. 


This journey may have started out slow but now the rewards are piling up fast. Things will speed ahead like a tumbleweed blowing in the wind to rapidly scatter seeds that multiply superabundantly and extraordinarily fast. 


Don’t try to sort out how it can be done, but leave room for the most unimaginable blessings to come. Every detail is about to suddenly transform! Like an uncomely ducking becoming an exquisite swan, a once sad story is becoming the happiest ending after all.


I will support you and hold you up like an upside-baobab tree with a massive trunk full of private reserves of water and branches that look like inverted roots reaching towards the heavens. I will show you what true love is supposed to be like as you experience My intentional faithfulness over and over again. I will shelter you in My abundance like a baobab tree soaking up in the rainy season to cover your needs through each and every situation. 


Get ready! Your prayer has been received. It is already happening for you, it’s ready! I am sending you a sweet surprise from the most unlikeliest of places! Embrace the joy of what’s on the horizon as you trust in good news to show up with wonderment in what I will deliver. I will continue to keep you refreshed and comforted–and the blessings will keep on coming.


Live in the moment of being fully loved and protected. Always trust Me to keep you refilled with a constant flow of support bubbling to the surface. You’ll receive support from every direction as I cause you to encounter My infinite love from abounding dimensions! I’ll show you the deep caverns of unlimited support by opening up secret underwater pockets of private riches concealed in nooks and crannies of the unexplored ocean. 


Like touching sea sparkles in the night water and creating visible ripples of blue illumination– I am going to reveal an untouched expanse of invisible wealth to cause My secret support to shine, glitter, and glow in an abundance.


You’ll soar above the clouds as free as a bird as you encounter heights beyond your wildest imagination. Like dragon blood trees with upturned branches, you’ll be effortlessly collecting water from the sea mist.


Expect big favor as I cause you to be blessed with the unusual velocity of overnight success. This is the start of something positive as you are immersed in a brand new life. From the ashes, you are rising to flourish and everything will come to you so easily. I promise that you’ll have everything that you dreamed of! 


I’m not done putting a smile on your face. Yes! You’ll have better than you ever had before and greater than you could ever ask for. You are getting more than you dreamed! It’s gonna happen. It’s time to enjoy. 



Scribed by Dannette

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