Love Letters

The best there is to offer

A love letter from Jesus



Beloved, let go of all of your worries and trust that your prayers will be done as you have asked–and with so much better than you prayed. Believe that your hopes have been granted as you approach this time with excessive privilege and endless grace. Remember that I am always defending your cause and fighting on your behalf to ensure that you receive Divine approval. 


Not only will I stand guard over this prayer, but I will make sure that you receive blessing after blessing–and coming at the right moments. I won’t just restore your losses, but I will be a Hero to deliver the best the land has to offer! You’ll see My favor flourish outwardly, like little buds that flower into the satisfaction of ripened almonds. 


Like a plethora of almonds falling onto the ground, I will deliver the fulfillment to you! You’ll be comforted before ever needing to worry or face the pressure and stress. You won’t have to endure the humiliation of crying out for help, like picking early almonds before they have dropped to the ground and tasting the bitterness in your mouth. 


I will show you just how much you are loved as I show up with an unexpected gift, like roasted almonds covered in decadent velvety chocolate as the sweetest surprise. I’ll deliver upon your needs in an abundance and you’ll keep getting more! Not only will your requests be fulfilled, but you will be given the best there is to offer.  




Scribed by Dannette Ward




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