Love Letters

The days ahead will be beauty beyond capacity

A love letter from the Father



There is no need to struggle anymore, just believe and receive from My hand. I can do all things and no thought or purpose of Mine can be withheld. Abandon your anxiety! Faith means to trust. Lose sight of the hardship of trauma. Every painful experience is being made new with twice as much as before. 


Consider the sparrows who neither sow nor reap, how much more precious you are to Me! Every bird flying over the mountains I know; every animal roaming over the fields belongs to Me. So never fear if your world of support were to crumble into the sea, blessings after blessings come to those who will trust in Me. 


Rise into a birds-eye view and see things from up high. Acknowledge who you are as My beloved child. Break away from poverty thoughts and don’t settle for crumbs when I will give so much more.  Tell yourself that you have an unlimited supply and I will far exceed your expectations. I will help you with more than enough, whenever you need it. 


Move to a higher level by changing your mind. You are above only and not beneath. Fly above the negative circumstance with positive thoughts and fill your mind with believing that your hopes will happen. It is your trust in who I am for you that will cause what you hope for to become tangible. 


Fasten My vows as jewels on your hands and bind them as a diamond crown on your forehead. Change your perception from a place of scarcity and come up to thinking from an abundance. I will open up for you My good treasure you and satisfy all of your needs from My storehouse of wealth. You will be given everything in ample supply and I will show up with more than you expect. 


You are not limited by what you have in the natural realm. Stretch your heart to access the Kingdom hordes of wealth. Out of your deepest thinking and believing determine the boundaries of your life. Believe that you already have what you seek and the desire is yours. 


Thank Me in advance as you continuously claim it. Keep thanking me until you have it in your hands. Think big thoughts that something wonderful is about to happen and surely it will! The days ahead will be beauty beyond capacity. With countless expressions of My love–I give to you until you are full and satisfied.  





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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