Love Letters

It will be the opposite of what you fear

A love letter from Jesus





Don’t give up, keep going. You will get what you seek. Never be afraid of shame because the humiliations are over and I will ensure that you have all that you need. I have brought you here for blessings and your honor is aggressively growing. 



The remorseful reputations are over and they will be remembered no more. An undeserved curse is powerless to harm you. Like a bird, it may flutter, but it will never have a place to land. As your Husband, I have redeemed you from the opposition and deemed you as not guilty. Nothing can stop your blessing– I have favored you and covered you securely. 



Take a leap off of the cliff of doubt and trust in the support of My promise. You have the victory, beloved one, stand firm and secure with unshakable confidence in My help. I will certainly see that you prosper and excel with the answer to your prayer. I will rescue you from every trouble, so do not worry.



Expect the best! I won’t fail you or let you down. Come and be relieved of the stress, I will deliver you now. Surely I will put an end to every false accusation and My righteousness will pierce through every wicked condemnation. 



I have made a promise to you from the myriad of My loyal love and undeniable mercy. What has been lost is now being returned and will never be hijacked again. In every moment you are surrounded in My favor and protection. Nothing that ever comes against you will be successful and every curse spoken against you will be reversed and proved wrong. 



Do not worry, but prepare to see a sudden surprise of My goodness. I’ll see to it that everything works out for the best. With sure hope, I will not fail you. It will be the opposite of what you fear, I will help you. Begin with ‘Yes’ and don’t think of a negative thought. Instead of humiliation–I will answer your request with a double heap of comfort, joy, and love. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward




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