Love Letters

It Will Be Just Like A Dream

A love letter from Jesus




My darling, have faith in My plans and stay sheltered in My loving arms. Keep My promises to you as an anchor to settle and calm every anxiety in your soul. It’s time to step into your chosen place and be the person that you are destined to be. Turn the pain that you have endured into the power to rise to heights beyond your biggest dreams.


Forget about those that have not accepted or loved you, like an autumn tree surrendering its leaves to release them to the wind. Although it may seem like an end is in store, this is the point where you will rise like never before. 


Those who have despised you or spoken lies about who you are have initiated the greatest blessing that you have ever known. You have a great reward! Shake the dust off your feet and cut ties completely with those who did not receive your words nor recognize your profound and very respected calling. 


Keep shining with bold confidence and faith. The attacks against you are causing your elevation to be greater than you could imagine or hope–and those who entertain evil thoughts are only hurting themselves. Although they sought to pull you down, they are rapidly empowering your ascent. 


I will be the Hero to defend your honor and I will show those who claim to know Me–but don’t–that I have loved you all along. It will be clear for all to see–that I have brought you here and carried you in My arms. 


Let’s get through this once and for all and enter the place that you have been dreaming about. Allow your hope-filled thoughts to take you up to the clouds, as you fully release the daunting weight of every fear, worry, and negative thought. Rise up with extremely optimistic faith, like climbing up a steep hill with all of your determination and strength. Move upwards as you think of the very best things being done. 


Choose to be doubtless once and for all and follow the promise that I have placed in your heart. Think only thoughts of hope and leave every worry and trouble behind. I will reward your choice to trust, by doing above and beyond your most hopeful thoughts. Instead of your fears coming to pass, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the fulfillment of your hopes, like glittering chocolate calcite piled up high. 


Although you started this moment with tears in your eyes, you’ll be laughing with delight as I publicly celebrate you and deliver an unexpected surprise. I will cause you to dance on top of the wind while your enemies experience correction and a change of heart. It will be just like a dream as the fulfillment of a long-awaited promise suddenly unfolds.





Scribed by Dannette


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