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Upside Down Day





God often speaks to me through nature and the mysteries of His creation. He is ever-present and always giving messages of His love. Most of the time when God shows me something beautiful and wonderful is coming, everything kind of appears to go in an opposite direction. For instance, God showed me that two massive tidal waves of support from Him would be coming in to lift us into the promised home that we have been eagerly anticipating. 


Right after God showed me those huge and immense waves, things went very low. Donations weren’t coming in and nothing looked like what He promised. This is not the first time experiencing this, either. 


A year ago, God showed me a giant wave as well, and it was a different wave. Right after God showed me that giant wave, our provisions seemed to go really low, and it was a struggle to believe that the large wave of support was coming. However, what I learned through this process is the low levels were signs of the abundant wave washing over us. 


Just like the process of healing, things often look worse as a sign that they are better. When the body begins to heal, it will start releasing all the bad toxins into the bloodstream, and it will make us suddenly feel “sick” or feel unwell with bad symptoms. 


🌊Just before a Tsunami hits the shore of the beach, the water will draw back and recede, leaving a long expanse of waterless beach exposed. The sudden lowness is a sign that the gigantic blessing has arrived. 


The same rule goes for when we start facing persecution and attacks from others. When people begin to leave us, unfriend us, unfollow us, or start a swarm of rumors and attacks—that is a sign that you are actually rising up higher!


It is like turbulence on an airplane. The sudden loss of friends or attacks against your name and reputation is the enemy’s last-ditch effort to stop you from rising to greater levels of honor and respect as God’s chosen vessels of blessing. 


There is nothing that can stop you from rising. When God says to bless you—you are blessed! No person or witchcraft can stop your ascent and your destined calling. But they will probably try–and fail. 


God will fill you with His breath of air–like filling a balloon with helium. He will cause you to float up into wonderful places, and those who were attacking you will end up being disgraced and put to shame. That is a part of the Abraham blessing. 


God will bless those to bless your journey, but those who oppose will be tripped up and will fall. You cannot escape His goodness and blessing for you–they are attached to you. When others try to pull you down with slander, it only causes you to rise up more with honor.  Although some may come against you–they will fall for your sake. 


God will show me the number 69 when I start going through these signs of blessings arriving. It means that even though it looks bad, it is actually a blessing that is being revealed. The 6 is being turned into a 9—things are not as they look. He also shows me a geode and how it looks like an ugly rock on the outside, but the inside of full of sparkling gems. Things are not how they look. 


So when you started dealing with dishonor, attacks, hardships, or whatever is the opposite of what you have been promised—that is the sign that the fulfillment is about to be revealed. 


That is why it is time to celebrate in your sufferings—because the suffering is only a mask that attempts to cover the good news that is about to arrive. Whenever I start suddenly losing support or friends, I get excited because that means I am about to have even more than I ever imagined. God has signed your life with honor, and nothing can bring you down from the high places where He has made for you to be. 


One night God gave me a written document that said “you have wealth now, no more shallow waters”. After He gave me that legal, written promise—I went through a time of barely having any money. 


The natural realm wanted to oppose that promise from coming to the surface, but I was determined to believe. I remember driving in the rain one night with tears pouring from my eyes. I had no money, and I was terrified about how I was going to pay for our home and food. God made me a promise to be my support and that we had wealth, so I kept saying over and over–we are in wealth now. There are no more shallow waters (which for me meant no more low levels of money). 


My faith was tested while the world tried to oppose the promise. But then, like a strike of lightning, that night I received a sudden deposit in my bank for $5000. In a twinkle of an eye, I went from not even having a dollar to buy a drink from the store to have more than I needed and plenty left to help someone else. 


Even if there is no one left to help, God will be the source to directly bless you and fill you with His lavish abundance. The time of hardship was the sign that God’s promise to me was about to become tangible. 


I encourage you to see everything as the opposite today. Whatever issues that you may be facing–realize that it is a sign that your blessing has arrived. It may seem dry and barren in some areas of your life, but the water has only been pulled back to release an enormous wave of blessings. Your answer to prayer is about to wash over you like a massive tidal wave. The attacks and loss of friends or followers are an indication that you are rising higher with way more. 



So breathe easy as the negative things present themselves, and rejoice in those things as a sign that your fulfillment has come and is about to reveal itself. 




May your blessings pour in and wash away every single trouble that you have been dealing with. This is an upside-down day because those things that look bad are actually about to reveal the best you have ever had. Thank you for listening, love to you and yours 




Dannette  💐




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