Love Letters

You’ll find out just how much I love you

A love letter from Jesus



Keep your head high, My chosen one. Now is the beginning of next-level comfort. I saw how you held steady while under the fire, and how you chose to trust Me when the assaults were coming from every angle. 


Have no worries at all about what others may do or say. You have the backing of the Almighty King. I will cause every attack against your name to be a double blessing. 


I am deeply protective over your heart, and I am restoring you with an added increase. Oh, how I love you! I will answer your prayers and I will help you! 


I am removing those attacks that have been launched upon you and shutting the mouths of those who have been working against you. Do not fear–only watch–as I openly defend you. I will cause those who call themselves believers but are only pretenders to fall. 


Those who came against you were fighting directly against Me–I will show them that I have loved you–and it is you who has obeyed. They will be required to say your name in the beauty that I intended it to be. 


There is nothing more to be afraid of, you have been revived. With a little help from Me–you are headed for great and unbelievable things! A whole new level is opening up. 


Remember from where you came and the royal heritage given by Me. I am delivering you a magnificent gift of support–directly from the Source. 


I will compensate you for suffering on My behalf by giving you the richness of Kingdom rewards. Sleep like a baby, as I bring this Royal Mail–signed with My approval of Sovereign power, without fail. 


I am giving you goodness back for following My ways. I am also making your reputation extremely honorable and larger than life. You’ll be a conduit of My life-giving love, as I put My glory on display. 


I will adorn you in My goodness and dress you up in tangible gifts from My personal love. You are blessed and a blessing! Blessings will pour over you in more ways than you can count! I will far exceed your experience with more blessings than you have ever known. 


I am revealing My heart through your life. Not only that, but I am vindicating you with a chosen place at the top and dressing you in honor, beauty, and love. That’s how much you mean to me! That’s how much I love you!


Although you had been fearing the worst, you are going to see the very best. You’ll find out just how much I love you–with a love far exceeding anything you’ve ever known–or ever hoped. 



Scribed by Dannette





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