Love Letters

A Surprise Inheritance

A love letter from Jesus



Dear one, breathe…everything is going to be okay. Darling, don’t even worry about your needs–those are My obligations now. A promise is a promise, and the purity of My love will always come through to help you. 


Please do not be discouraged by the lack that you see or the ever-growing place of your current needs. Wealth is tucked away all around you–and soon you will see it! I am giving you even more to look forward to with a surprise inheritance from the mountain of My immense support. 


I have designated this elite gift for you and have made it ready to be received. From the attacks that you have endured–I will increase you with so much more. 


I am removing those things that have stood in your way and from the resistance that was against you–I am releasing even more blessings and loving support. 


I have ways of supporting you that you have never even dreamed of or considered. You cannot even wrap your mind around the depths that My unseen presence moves and works in your favor. 


Whether or not it can be openly seen, you have everything that you need deep within you. Don’t let your fears, insecurities, or doubts keep you from trusting in what I have promised. 


Don’t put your faith in lack or enter into a ‘widow’ mindset–by thinking that you are deprived of what is cherished or needed. I am enormously rich, and My great abundance is within you. 


I have given you more than you could possibly imagine, and it is hiding in plain sight for you to enjoy with delight. Keep focusing on My promises–like drowning out the darkness by gazing upon the bright and glittering stars of My unbreakable vows. 


Don’t worry–you already have what you desire. Trying to attain this gift that has already been given only resists fulfillment. Just rest and trust that it is already there. All you need will show up when you need it, with plenty to spare. 


You are connected to My opulent surplus and limitless abundance. Think about the countless grains of sand and visualize the enormity of My unending wealth for you to have and enjoy.


I have concealed the magnificent among the insignificant, and there is so much more available than what mere sight will reveal. Like finding the vast shoreline of sand stars in Okinawa, Japan–there is richness concealed in the midst of the tiniest things.


The ordinary will reveal the extraordinary–like suddenly realizing that the sand beneath your feet is actually the presence of an inheritance left from the sea foraminifera. The tiny little sand stars will uncover a myriad of My endless support. 


 Expect a surprise inheritance to set you up right and make up for your troubles. Just when you feel the embrace of My ever-present support, I will surprise you again. 


Like finding an extraordinary amount of Libyan Gold Tektite sand as a gift from space– formed by meteorites–I will deliver another deposit of My surprise inheritance once again! 


I will meet your decision to trust and bestow true riches upon you and fill your life with My overflowing treasury of love. The sparkling sea will make you wealthy, and from the shimmering sandy beach, you will get a bountiful treasure.


I will give you riches and wealth and honor greater than anything you have ever known or have possessed. You will never be disappointed by the rewards of My loyal love. 


A surprise inheritance is being revealed in an incredible amount, like untouched beaches sprinkled with star sand and glittering glass gems hidden within the radiant desert sands. 




Scribed by Dannette

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