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The Story Behind the New Car





The week before God answered my prayers for a new car, I was in a very low place. I had to walk to get everywhere, and my feet were throbbing with pain. 


God kept showing me that $10,000 would be coming in and believing that when having not even a dollar–- it was like looking for a unicorn to suddenly arrive. 


I also knew that the ONLY way that I was going to survive this troubling situation was to put my faith into turbo gear. God had been showing me EXACTLY what to do in order to make my hopes tangible, and it was time for the test. 


As much as I wanted to cry from the pain and doubt, I didn’t have time to go negative. I had to rise up with every ounce of faith I could. Our lives were desperately dependent on that sacrifice of trust. 


So I made the choice to let go of all of my fears and the lowness that I was feeling. I let go of my fears and doubts and I went “all in” to trusting God. 


I went through the process of what I had been taught by Jesus, and I vigorously exercised my faith, as though I was running a marathon.


It is the exact process that I reveal in the HOPE REPOSE course here:


The pressure and anxiety started to build, and I knew that was a sign that I was so very close to fulfillment. I kept going, even though there was a temptation to break down and cry. 


Oh! I wanted to give up and cry so much, but I kept choosing to trust despite my fears. 


I finally got to the place where the pain of waiting and long suffering was too much to endure, so I had to become like a child and pretend that I was already there (with fulfillment). That was the best form of pain relief for when the agony of being afraid was so very real. 


I had to escape the pain of the terrifying needs, so I closed my eyes and I imagined that I had $10,000 in my account. I pictured myself paying for my room, paying all of my bills, buying the groceries that we needed, and getting a car. 


While I was still “dreaming” of my hopes being done, I heard a notification on my phone. My notification was the very unicorn that seemed impossible to come. WOW! 


I was notified that I received $10,000 from a source that was delivering on behalf of God. At that moment, I stopped exercising my faith and I wept…



I wept, and I wept, and I wept. 


I thanked God over and over and over–then I wept some more. I was beyond thankful and that comfort of relief was so immense and beautiful. 


After spending time thanking God for fulfilling my hopes, I did everything that I had been imagining. I paid my rent and I paid all of my bills. I got groceries. I sowed seeds to help someone else that God directed me to as well. 


Then I thought about the car. I was so scared to get a car. I was so scared of letting go of the money that I had received. My heart was trembling. 


I knew that God was leading me to get a car, but I didn’t want to go low again. I didn’t want to suffer again. Yet, God was asking me to trust Him to refill me over and over. 


He was telling me to not remember the pain of being low and to trust that things are new now and not like before. 


I waited and prayed about the car. God had been showing me that I would be getting a newish car, and it would be worth more than what I had left. He showed me that I would use what was left as a down payment. 


The next day, I applied for car loans, but I was denied like crazy. Even the bad credit places denied me because I didn’t have a permanent address situation like everyone else. Therefore, I could not prove residency. 


It was so frustrating, and I often broke down in tears at having to walk such a different path than everyone else. I hurt being different, and yet being different was what I was called to do. It was my place of unusual blessing. 


I didn’t know what else to do, so I laid the car idea aside for a while, and God led me into creating the “Hope Repose” course. After I wrote and recorded the course, sharing my secret strategies for seeing hopes materialize, I did it myself again. 


After I went through the step-by-step process, I listened to the imagination activation at the end. I envisioned that I had a black Kia SUV because that is what I wanted so much and what was in my heart. 


I kept seeing myself getting the keys to the car, and I saw an application with a red stamp of approval. As crazy as this sounds, it was not even an hour later that I received a surprise email. 


It was from the KIA dealer in my town, and he invited me in to test drive a car. I had totally forgotten that I had applied on their website a long time ago, and I figured that they saw my junk and rejected the idea of helping me. 


So it was a total surprise, and it happened right after pressing my faith to see and believe that I had a KIA car. It seemed too perfectly aligned to not be a miracle, so I ordered an Uber and went straight there. 


I was in the dealership office for a few hours, and it wasn’t looking like I could get approved because of my “strange” address. However, something suddenly clicked, and they approached me with big smiles to say that they got me approved! 


I was in shock. The funniest thing is the car they were trying to get me approved for was blue. But then they said that they got me approved for a different one. 


The man pointed out the window and said that is the one over there. I looked and almost fell out of my seat because it was black! It looked just like what I had imagined during my faith exercise! 


Then everything happened as I had already seen in with my hopes. I was given the keys and I drove home with my new black Kia SUV. It was so an unreal feeling, and I kept shaking my head in complete and utter awe. 


It was also a little bit of a trust fall for me because I have to trust God to support me to cover this new expense. But God promised to supply all of our needs generously and that my blog would cover it all. 


How? I have no idea, lol! Yet, God has proven to me through these years that He has ways that I have never thought about. 


I am already needing to exercise my faith again to pay for my room fees and car note, and I am getting ready to press into the Hope Repose to see these hopes come to the surface again. 


I also made the course easier to reach with a price reduction for a limited time (or maybe permanently). 


 I invite you to come and join if that is something that is in your heart. I know that I am going in again for more lol! 


To me, this is extra special and I almost didn’t want to share it because it means so much. It’s a priceless treasure that I would prefer to keep to myself, but that is not God’s plan. 


This is my secret recipe for organizing my thoughts, eliminating doubt, and preparing myself to enter a faith zone that has the ABSOLUTE purity to see results. 


It takes purity to see results like this. God says in James that no one who has doubts should expect to receive anything from their prayers. Whoa…that almost makes it feel impossible, but that is where faith comes into the picture. Faith, hope, and love cover everything. 


When we enter with the purest faith of a child, then ABSOLUTELY anything can be done. We can have whatever we ask for in prayer if we believe that we already have it. 


The biggest and most important part of that is removing doubt, and that is exactly what I am sharing in this course. It is not passive at all, it is a faith exercise, but I can assure you that it has brought me the most impressive results. 


God loves when we use our faith to challenge the negative circumstances in our lives. This is the most precious thing to me because it has brought gold into my life as my faith came out with a transformation of sudden fulfillment. 


I pray for even better results for you! 


Love to you and blessings always, 








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