Love Letters

Look Out–It’s Coming To You

A love letter from the Father



Don’t be discouraged by how things currently look. Nothing can stop Me from reaching you with help. My promise of love blooms even in the coldest winters and harshest oppositions. 


I will come through for you and save you again. Be expectant with joy, like faith-filled children before Christmas, hardly able to contain themselves while waiting for gifts. 


I have already covered you! I will deliver all that you need, with more than enough, and it will be on time. 


In an instantaneous miracle, the substance of your needs will show up. I have secret passageways to move that you don’t know of. 


Listen to the sounds of My signs all around, chiming like bells on a horse-drawn carriage. Look out–it’s coming right to you! What you have been hoping for is on the way and moving quietly with blessings. 


Just as the sounds of bells ringing are the “early warning” of an approaching delivery, I am sending you signs that My arrival is approaching rapidly. 


Forget about the troubles that you see all around you. Close your eyes to your problems and listen to the official sounds of the approaching fulfillment. 


Signs are being revealed in so many ways to help you–like the ringing of sleigh bells to fill you with joy and anticipation of the approaching gifts. Remember, My presence has no limits. 


Rest assured–gifts of wonder are being released for you! Nothing is too much for Me to cover and no request is impossible to do. 


Like a transdimensional gift sack, I can swiftly deliver all that you hope and need from Heaven to Earth. 


Like a sleigh propelled by stardust with an unfathomable amount of concentrated energy to move–I can travel faster than warp speed to show up earlier than you need. 


I will show you abundantly more than you have hoped or thought–like flaunting golden bells to show off the vastness of My limitless support. 


I will fulfill your prayers, no matter how it looks. Like a majestic sleigh with the most advanced autonomous, self-flying technology there is, I will move to make the impossible a miracle fulfillment come true. 



Scribed by Dannette 

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