Love Letters

Hero to Help

A love letter from Jesus 




Float carefree through this time and trust Me to make things right. I will fight against those who are attacking you and I will prove that you are blameless and blessed. 


I will show those who claim to be Christ followers but are not, that you are extraordinarily favored and loved. 


Rest in what you hope to be done and don’t give your fears or doubts another thought. Cast down every thought of a bad outcome and trust Me to be your ever-present rescue and support. 


Remember that I am an endless stream of provision, I know what you need. So let go and trust and let the worries runoff. The more you let go, the easier you will receive. 


Release every worry to Me, those burdens are making you sink. Remember all that I have promised and look how far you have come. I have taken you all of this way–and I won’t let you down now. 


As you float, let go of all worry and you will find the freedom that you have been looking for. Love will flood your soul and joy will sing within, you will finally know how much you are loved.


This battle is not yours, I will fight for you. Trust in My love to carry you through this, like a duck restfully floating in the water.


I will ensure that your fears do not happen and your hopes will come to fruition with a sudden fulfillment of My promise. Don’t worry, My dear one, I will be your ever-present Hero to help. 




Scribed by Dannette 



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