Love Letters

Uncovered Before Your Eyes

A love letter from the Father


Darling child, at every moment I know where you are and what you are needing. I am aware of your deep inner cries and those things that make you terrified. 


I will be here to help you, just as before. Don’t panic, the fulfillment of your prayers is right in front of you. 


Like a flower bulb that grows underneath the ground and out of your view, I have been secretly maneuvering My rich support to reach you. 


I will cause water to burst up from this dry desert-like situation, like a Dahlia flower with hollow water tubes to store and transport water in the most desolate places.


I have hidden support for you here, even though it does not seem to be near. Like a Dahlia flower with storage tubes underground, the fulfillment of your prayers is right beneath you and all around. 


I will uncover the secret source to help and cause it to be revealed right before your eyes. Suddenly, you will see the plentiful buckets of water pouring in as beauty blooms in front of you like a big, boisterous, and colorful star. 


Keep looking and expecting–even though you cannot see it yet. Out of nowhere—you will see a water stem emerge of My abundance–like a Dahlia flower with tuberous roots sprouting up from its eye. 


 Instead of struggling for provisions, you’ll be amazed by the continuous non-stop blooms.


You’ll be so surprised by this abundant sight–and like a Dahlia flower–the blossoms will keep getting bigger with time.


The opposite of your fears is what I will give, so keep hoping and anticipating a sudden change. The thing that you have been waiting for will be instantly uncovered before your eyes!


Like a hidden flower bulb spreading out right under your feet, I will cause your prayers to emerge in vibrant and wonderful ways.  



Scribed by Dannette




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