Love Letters

Safe to be seen

A love letter from Jesus



You are My rose, My hidden jewel. How a rose is harvested determines the quality of the scent and the beauty of her bloom. Hidden among the thorns, your humility accents your exquisiteness, and your weakness is the perfect conduit to reveal My power.Β 


Delicate in your beauty, but you are strong like a rose. Let be and be still and know that I am God. I will lift you up and be the Hero that you need. I will cradle you as My cherished rose and set you in your chosen place.


I will protect you as My faithful bride and protect you from the outcomes that you fear. My ears are not absent from your cries and your affliction is not hidden from My eyes. Because I love you, I am giving you a double blessing.Β 


Something will suddenly happen to give you instant relief. I am your refuge and strength–your very present and well-proved help in trouble. So do not fear, My dear, you will not be taken down from where you are. Things will turn out just as you hope!Β 


Β I am lifting you up from your humble place, as My precious rose whom I dearly love. A rose was never meant to be hidden, rather it was made to be adored. Come out of hiding and trust Me to keep you safe. I will cover you where you need it and be the shelter that you need.Β 


It is safe to be seen, so have the courage to be who you are. You are protected on every side and I will shelter you from all harm. Allow yourself to rise with the Vine and trust My kindness to honor your prayers.Β 


There is only one you and I love you just the way that you are. Allow your vulnerability to be seen, it’s part of the beauty that you are. Strong like a rose, but delicate as a tender flower, a sheer beauty among the thorns.


Scribed by Dannette Ward


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