Love Letters

Beautiful Success Story

A love letter from the Father




Watch as I make history for you. Like the comeback of the trumpeter swans that nearly became extinct, I am causing you to rise back up with a magnificent success story. 


Just as the trumpeter swan recovered from near-extinction, you have survived a very impossible-looking situation. 


Like a beloved trumpeter swan, you are a pioneer at heart. You survived what was aimed to take you down and now you will rise up with a fury. 


Take a deep breath in and relax. Although you endured unbearably low times, now you will flourish into more than you have ever dreamed that you could do. 


I will cause the very thing that tried to take you out to become a widespread success story. You will no longer live through that hardship–this is the beauty of your recovery.  


Come out of the “flight or fight” mindset of barely surviving and let go of the lifestyle of continuous hardships. As you release yourself from that mental place of struggle, the connections to your old life will also fade away with it. 


Peace begins when doubt ends, so let’s remove your doubts once and for all. Quickly cast down any fearful or paranoid thoughts about what is to come. I only have good and peaceful plans for you. I will give you just what you hope and I will not give you over to the plots of evil. 


Like a swan floating peacefully on a lake, enjoy the here and today. All that is beyond that is covered under My self-fulfilling blessings, like the miracle of frost flowers forming from a root system that is always active. 


Fearlessly embrace the greatness of who you are destined to be and what I have called you to do. Trust Me to protect you as My serenity fills your life as you open yourself up to enter the new. 


There is peace for you ahead and I will protect and establish your boundaries. You will only prosper more and more, like the Trumpeter swans that have been increased and restored. 


Keep an open mind about how I will supply. Your basket will always be blessed and you’ll always have plenty of bread. 


I will graciously provide you with all that you could ever want. You will live freely from My generous and limitless support. 


You will feast on the wide-open places of My copious support, while your renewed beauty glistens like a swan with plumes so white that it makes the eyes hurt. 


Nothing that you have feared will ever come. Instead of an onslaught of troubles, you’ll relax like a swan who sleeps with her head upon her feathers.


 You’ll experience your hopes coming to light as I give you favor and peace on all sides. You have been granted favor with God and with men–even your enemies are at peace with you. 


Although you barely survived with very little before, your wealth and reputation will increase as you are abundantly blessed by My eternal love. Wonderful and costly treasures will adorn your home and you’ll wonder how your life ever became so beautiful. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward




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