Love Letters

A Time of Wonders

A love letter from the Father



Take a deep breath, I know that you are hurting. I will rescue you from the low tide of being exposed to lack and famine. I am sending My bubbling waters of plentiful comfort to come to lift your spirits. 


Even though the time of shallow waters was difficult to endure with its rocks, sand, and scorching sun, there were hidden treasures for you there. 


Like tide pools that were created by the receding tides to trap pools of water and sealife, this time of faith testing has collected the fresh waters of My secret provisions.


Everything was working to bless you so that you could see My indescribable love for you in action. I am writing My love story for you and it will cause your life to be completely different and incredibly successful. 


In the longing for change, I am answering your prayers. I am here to comfort you, the drought is over, My dear. You have reached a new place, where the end is better than the beginning and the former things are washed away with the new waves of water. Trust My words and resist refusing. You will be settled from your recent hardships by receiving relief from the consistent afflictions.


You are standing at the meeting place between the ocean and the land, like a green sea turtle venturing into the safety of the deep and vast waters. You will be bountifully supplied during this time that matters so much. I will fill you endlessly, like a feather star with sticky arms easily collecting the fish as they float by. 


I will protect you from getting hurt like before, like clownfish coated in protection so that it cannot get stung by the anemones that are covered with sting cells. You will be bathed in your hopes fulfilled, like coral reefs draped in sunlight to help the algae make their food and produce an abundance. 


Forgive and forget. It’s time to let the old die, you are entering your promised riches. Leave the past behind and don’t try to predict a negative outcome because of the former memories. 


Don’t be afraid to hope again or fear suffering the same pain as before. Do not try to predict a negative result because the past hurts. Forget your past and the overwhelming anguish of feeling as though you barely survived. 


Fall into the deep end, as you surrender the pain of the past and trust this promise. Don’t look back, you will be amazed! Your tears will come back to you as fruitful blessings like coconuts that fall into the ocean and are washed up on distant shores to grow new palms of steady provisions. 


You are moving into far better than ever before, like a nautilus that always grows and expands its living space. Launch out into the deep and be willing to be vulnerable to hope and expect. I am filling you to an overflow, don’t be afraid to expect for My goodness, you will not be embarrassed. 


Stretch your thinking to believe that you have reached the immensity of the deep. The pain of the past affliction is finally over. Now you have reached the new levels. Keep only thoughts of knowing that the suffering is finally over. Stay rooted in your hopes coming true, like being anchored to the sea floor and unwilling to move. 


I am giving you an abundance, this is the end of the suffering. You will have more than you expect—and you will see what you hope for being revealed. 


This will be a time of great wonders, like swimming through the giant sea arches and exploring the undiscovered depths of the bluest oceans. Everything is quickly changing for you, as the high tide washes in to help you.




Scribed by Dannette



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