Love Letters

Waking up to a dream come true

A love letter from the Father




My treasured darling, the apple of My eye! Chin up, everything will be just fine. Don’t worry about those who are trying to pull you down because no matter how hard they try–you will continue to rise. 


You are making an entrance into a place of tangible dreams. Forget about all of the hardships that you have endured. That part of your story is over now. A new chapter is just beginning. 


Surrender to the rise. This is a brand new day where you will be exceedingly honored and highly esteemed. Let go of your fears and trust Me to be your defender and support for all of your needs. Keep thinking that your hopes will be and soon you will see them rising like a dream. 


Let those who stir negativity stay in the place of the low-level thoughts. You are so much more than that. Their opposition towards you is only causing you to increase in honor and become even more blessed than when you started. 


Those who accuse you. criticize you, or treat you with accusations of unforgiveness are only hurting themselves. Their opinions do not define you nor do they discount My favorable love for your life.


I will be the comforter of your pain and the One who causes you to wake up to a dream come to life. You have been deeply persecuted, yet far from deserving it. 


I will comfort you from the aggressive attacks to bring you a thrill of happiness that you can never forget. In My eyes, you have done no wrong and there is nothing uncomely about you for Me to behold. 


I am lifting you up even more–as those who are against you are firmly corrected and encounter remorse. You’ll be held securely in My hands as I openly show the world just how wonderfully you are loved. 


Prepare to be raised to a whole new level as you enjoy effortless blessings. I am giving you a butterfly surprise of a complete transformation that happens overnight. You’ll be waking up to a dream come true. Imagine, just, imagine what that will feel like! 





Scribed by Dannette



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