Love Letters

Distribution of Gold

A love letter from the Father


Oh, My little star! Hold onto your faith and trust in Me. Remember that I vowed with an oath to always love and support you. Don’t be fearful of how things seem, but capture the beauty of the night sky because showers of gold are falling from Me. 


The weight of pressures and afflictions against you have caused Me to respond with an explosion of blessings. Just like gold that has been formed by cataclysmic stellar explosions, the attacks against you will cause everything to suddenly turn around and beautify you. 


When gravitational pressure and heat push against a star, it causes nuclear fusion to happen within the core. The core of the star releases the intensity of the energy outward, causing the star to collapse into a supernova. 


In a similar way, the attacks against you have pressed against the core foundation of what you believe in Me. When you pressed back against those pressures and chose to have faith, it caused the outward pressures to become a great source of blessings. 


When the supernova explodes, it only takes seconds to fill the atmosphere with showers of gold. Like raindrops of My intentional love falling upon your head and shoulders–I will instantly cause the gold of this desired fulfillment. 


Everything will change suddenly as I cause you to bounce back dramatically from the resistance. I will cause you to increase supernaturally to receive the hidden wealth that would take most people a lifetime or more to discover. 


Ignore every bad thought or voice of criticism, because I am going to show off just how much I love and favor you! I will cause you to receive a rapid distribution of gold from several directions. Even your enemies will bless you! 


You’ll be blessed with secret gold deposits that were kneaded into veins of the mountains from geothermal activity and you’ll receive buckets of Gold that fall like rain from the heavens above you. 


I will cause gold to swirl and dance around you, as I surround you with the delights of My goodness. You’ll see your life suddenly be transformed, like galactic gold that creates new stars and planets. 


I will personally reveal untapped gold nearby and cause the rocks to release their gold-rich metamorphic fluids. Liquid gold will melt into your hands, as I deliver the fulfillment that tastes sweeter than chocolate. 


The attacks against you have blessed you even more, like sea floor rocks that have been deeply buried by deformation, causing them to release the gold of metamorphism. 


The pressure that was against you has given you a new foundation for beautiful living. Nothing can ever hurt you, because I have spoken to bless you.


Once again you will witness My love in action as I stir up immense blessings to shower you with treasures. Your faith has withstood the pressure of attacks and now I will cause a distribution of gold to fill and overflow your hands. 





Scribed by Dannette



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