Love Letters

Speeding Up

A love letter from Jesus



Lovely one, I want you to know that you can completely rely on Me. Even when you are trapped between a rock and hard place, I will show up to deliver the comfort of fulfilling My promise.ย 


Relax your tensions and inhale My unconditional love once again. So many blessings are being revealed for you now because you have believed that My words to you would come to fruition.ย 


Although you have endured bitter difficulties and extreme hardships, you are moving your way to the top because of My unrelenting favor.ย 


I know when you are trusting in Me and I will reward your diligence to persevere regardless of circumstance. I am with you, even when you cannot see. I am so much closer than you think!ย 


I will comfort you from your pain and give you compassion for all of your suffering. You will see what you have believed and hoped, as I deliver the sweetest relief. Out of nowhere, you will see flurries of snowflakes floating down as tangible comfort to put out the fires of pain and discomfort.ย 


The time of lowness was only to compliment the beauty of your ascent. Youโ€™ll see the impossible happen once again and many will share in the delight of My fulfilled promise.ย 


You were chosen and destined for wondrous things and you will not be disgraced any longer. Hold on tight, because I am swiftly speeding things up because your Comforter has come to defend your honor.ย 



Scribed by Dannetteย


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