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Secret Place




Long before God started to take me in the dance of writing prophetic love letters, He took me through several of my own. There was one situation in particular that broke me–it shattered me to the point that I didn’t know who I was anymore. 


A girl who was very intimidating to me at the time, because she was very confident in her “prophetic ability” to speak God’s words came against me in the most awful way. 


I will skip over the drama and just cut to the point. She basically accused me of serving witchcraft and the devil and said that I was a false prophet. At that time, I didn’t even know anything about “prophets”. I just knew that God showed me things and spoke to me. 


She actually didn’t stop her attacks there. She turned one of my best friends against me and sadly we never became close again. She convinced her whole church I was evil and I was attacked with a mass level of false accusation and rejection. 


It was beyond painful. I remember crying myself to sleep every night and just leaning into Jesus to console me. I would close my eyes and imagine that I was cradled in the Father’s hand and that He was keeping me safe. 


As horrible as it was to walk through, there was blessing in the breaking. That undeserved assault against my identity took me into a deep season of encounters with Jesus. 


From that moment God took me through a deep healing and prophetic training. He showed me the power of blessings and how to never allow fearful thoughts to entertain my attention. 


God also gave me big promises of vindication from that time and I cherished them more than long-stem red roses. I held that promise from God through the years and God even gave me love letters to soothe my heartache and give me hope. 


I was swept off of my feet by the personal love of Jesus and I fell so deeply in love with Jesus that I no longer cared about what that disturbed girl had to say about me. 


I was in love! I was enveloped with love from Jesus and I was learning about His plans for my future. As God started to open the curtains and show me what will come, I was so happy and the dreams of my heart started to dance on their own to the music that God was playing for me. 


If it were not for my personal love letters from God at that time, I don’t know if I could have recovered from such a carnage from false christians. It was brutal, like getting attacked by a wolf among the gentle lambs.


Not only did I recover from that identity crisis but now I am rock solid in who I am in Christ. I know Jesus intimately from meeting in the secret place and no mans opinion can ever change that or take me away from the love that God has woven between us. 


I recently received a personal love letter on behalf of someone who was also given a promise of justice, honor, and vindication. It made my eyes fill with pools of tears to read her letter because it is complete pain relief from the comforting love of the Holy Spirit. 


Here is a little part of her letter….


You are venturing into a new chapter–to a place where your honor and loveliness is uncovered. Like a mountain-sized iceberg being flipped over, I will put on a radical display for you that is excessively beautiful to behold. 


Your closeness to Me will be without question, as I raise you up to show the world that you are the one that I have loved and made a blessing. 


With a magnificent roar, I will turn things over. Like the flipping of a gigantic iceberg, I will reveal My power like an atomic bomb and raise you up in a wave like a tsunami to the top. 


Those who have been diligently resisting you will be underwater, as I cause their war vessels to be completely submerged by My Sovereign power. Everything will turn in your favor, and you’ll swiftly rise to unimaginable heights. 


I will give you a grand reward of justice as uneven scales are dealt with. Like an enormous glacier that is off balance, every attack will be flipped over to bless you and make you an instant success. 


Even now, I am causing you to be unstuck, like a melting glacier that causes the center of gravity to shift. I will disrupt your enemies plans as I set you apart, like an iceberg breaking off of where it was connected before. 


I will send a powerful rebuke to those who have opposed your calling, like flipping over an iceberg and sending dangerous shards of ice into the air. Your enemies plans will be destroyed, like being blasted with the shell of a cannon. Although you may look for them–you will see them no more. 


All resistance against you will be entirely submerged as the waters rise and the high tides roll in. The chariots and armies against you will be dumped in the sea–never to rise against you again. 


But I will cause you to shimmer and shine with My power as the ocean water pours over your difficult troubles, and the critics sink to the bottom. 


Wait on Me to defend your name, like a penguin finding safety on an iceberg from the hungry orca whales. Rest in My promise to honor you and raise you up in power as I sink the attacks against you to the sea floor as a shipwreck. 


The letter was much more than that, but I wanted to show you just how comforting a promise of vindication and relief can feel when life seems like it is covered in dirt and warfare. If you would also like to have a personal love letter, please visit my store page or the love letter page below. 


I cannot say how long this service will be offered…it may just be a seasonal blessing to be rememberd and cherished. So if you are on the fence about whether or not to indulge, I hope that you will take the leap of faith and dive in! 


May God meet you in that place that we all have, the secret place where no one else can see, but God can. It is that place where no one knows or understands your heart, but it is all open and exposed before God’s loving compassion.


In that secret place God can hear even your groans and sighs and He knows the weight that you carry underneath your thoughts and in the heaviness of your tears. 


It is the in the secret place where all of our wounds and troubles are covered in soul soothing love and we can peer into the eyes of Jesus and see what He sees ahead—to the places yet unknown. 


With love,





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