Love Letters

Re-encounter Love



A love letter from Jesus



Lovely heart, although you may be scared to make a move, there is a banquet of lavish love that has been prepared for you. Look, I am already before you to lead you to the place that I have safely reserved. 


Like a squirrel who must boldly choose whether to enjoy the acorns now or save them for later, don’t be afraid of making a mistake.


I have you covered in everyway! Just as squirrel can fall long distances without being injured with its parachute tail and can scale through the trees with grace, I have protected your steps on every side. 


I have quietly led you to this point with My merciful love, you must believe that. Always move forward unafraid as you trust Me to protect and cover your steps with the deepest detail. 


I will carefully protect you from getting hurt, as you rest safely by My side. Be fearless without hesitations and be fully empowered by faith and motivated by love. 


I will always be one step ahead, to fight your battles and keep you in a straight line. I am leading you into a lifetime enjoyment of promise and I will sweep away anything that stands in the way. 


Your life is and always will be protected and honored. I will protect you from the dangers ahead and I will even protect you from yourself. 


Something truly rare is coming perfectly into place and you will witness the goodness of My promise opening up to you like a red rose in full beauty. 


You are coming into the fullness of this promise and nothing will be able to stand in your way. All paths before you will lead to love because I am carefully orchestrating everything. 


You’ll see an exciting new expression of love open up–a miracle wonder gift that far exceeds all others! I will make this better than you have ever hoped–or even dreamed. 


I took you all of this way and I sheltered you from all danger. I raised you up into places that you could not do for yourself and I have crowned you with My everlasting loving-kindness. 


I have been with you through every step and I have always revealed the light for each move ahead. And now I am making you famous for your sacrifice of trust. Your life will produce in such an abundance that you’ll be wading in the deepest love! 


My dear, don’t worry about a thing. Exhale out your hesitations and be fearless with faith. Believe that I am walking with you as you leap ahead like a squirrel so swiftly. I am making excessively good things happen for you–and I am doing it out of sheer love! 


You waking into a dream, as I cause your heart desires to suddenly come to pass. From now on everything will be smooth as butter. Darling, don’t be afraid to make a move, I promise, you won’t regret your decision to trust the leading of My whispers of love. 


Have faith! Forget about all of the mistakes and trust Me to clear up every trace of debris. I will undo the damage that has been done and cause the storm to pass over, leaving a vibrant rainbow behind. 


Re-encounter love, as you move forward with Me. Things will begin to unfold beautifully now as the sunlight dances over your cheeks to reveal a promise that has been waiting for you all of this time. 


Scribed by Dannette

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