Love Letters

Things Have Been Reversed

A love letter from the Father



My darling, you are making a comeback, as I cause things to be reversed. Those things that you were desperate for before are now chasing you down. 


At every moment, I already know what you are thinking and what you are hoping to have. You can trust Me to deliver the fulfillment of what you hope and expect. 


Let’s get away from wanting and trying to attain what you have prayed for Me to do. Fly up with confident trust and just anticipate that it will come at just the right time. 


Break free into the bliss of fulfillment! Just as a stork cannot sing like other birds, let your inner confidence and faith be what causes your hopes to come out. 


Like a stork without a vocal box, use your confidence to soar into the freedom of your hopes fulfilled, without even making a sound. Truly, My dear, I will honor your trust with the outcome that you hope to be done! 


Beloved child, tell yourself a new story. Narrate the situation with your thoughts and think in line with a faith desired outcome. Don’t strain or hold onto the outcome you desire with desperation or urgency. Move into the fulfillment and rest there confidently. 


Dear heart, let go what you hope to be done and trust that I will cause it to come. Everything will unfold naturally–without tugging or pulling. 


You’ve been given power over this circumstance, and soon you will see things unfold in your favor. 


Keep thinking that it will come at any moment, and no longer hold so tightly onto the attainment. Settle in the outcome as already done. Be joyfully expecting good news to arrive. 


Be enthusiastic and even excited about what is about to happen next! I will surprise you with gifts full of comfort and joy. Everything is being reversed, and you are receiving back even more than you gave. 


Let continuous confidence lift you up, and I will meet you to deliver super abundantly more than your faith empowered thoughts. 


I will send the delivery that you long for as a delightful gift of whimsy and wonder. Everything has changed in your favor and the story has been reversed. 


The scene has flipped, and those things that you have been wanting are now wanting you back. Surprises are coming to your door, and answered prayers are already on the way. 


You will soon see that everything that you have hoped for comes easy. Love and blessings are chasing you down, and they will appear as expected and unexpected forms. 


The winds have been reversed in your favor, and what you have desired is now coming back to you. It’s already on the way! Whether you hear it coming or not–what you have wanted is arriving overhead! 


You’ll be receiving what you have expected, as I deliver gifts, after gifts, after gifts. Repayment is coming to the door, and instead of seeking what you have desired–you are being sought out. 


Things have been reversed, My treasured child. Get ready for more than you have asked. Those things that you have been hoping to have are now seeking you out–whether you are ready or not! 




Scribed by Dannette



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