Love Letters

Hidden Beauty is Being Uncovered

A love letter from Jesus


My darling, allow Me to relieve your stress and pressure as I cause goodness and love to come much faster. Have no worries about what will be done, today is a good day, and you are surrounded in My intentional love. 


I am bringing into a time of deep rest, where you can indulge your senses in My ever flowing kindness and love. 


I will soothe you with rejuvenating comforts from your battles to bring you into a soothing and relaxed state. Instead of worries and fears, you’ll inhale the deep ocean breezes and listen to the light sounds of chirping birds in the air. 


Inhale My presence all around you to help put your mind at ease and wrap you in protective comforts. Like discovering pink flamingos tucked away in undisclosed places, I am revealing hidden beauty for you to see and experience. 


Instead of dreading the worst and visualizing bad outcomes, tell yourself a story of how you would like this to be. Open your heart and let your imagination run free like a child living in a dream world where anything wonderful can happen at any moment. 


You can have the best of both worlds now, My loveliest one! I will saturate you in the comforts of My kindness and fulfill anything that you can dream of. 


Like bathing in a forest of the beautiful present surroundings, immerse your thoughts in how you would love things to be now–and not just for later. 


I will match your faith with just how you hope things to be! You’ll find the indulgence of kindness from Me that you seek, as I surround you in the perfected comforts of My nestled protection. 


I will adorn you with the beauty that you seek, as you confidently rest and trust in Me. Like a flamingo with vibrant pink feathers from eating plush greens and saline shrimp, you’ll be draped in the captivating colors that your dreams are made of. 


Instead of terrible things being done, you’ll be dazzled in beauty from a gemstone sauna, and you’ll be lavished with an abundance from lush vertical gardens. 


Just as a pink flamingo’s knees are hidden under its body, I have hidden and protected you from attacks–so that you can keep on confidently walking.


Exhale out your fears and worries–and trust who I am for you. I am right here! I will keep you safe from hidden enemy plots and protect you from the dangers that could be so very bad. You are totally safe in My hands. 


Darling, do not fear the violence of attacks or the harshness of others, but rest in My kindness and ever-present protection of comforts. I will drench you in premium beauty treatments in a soul soothing oasis of rest and comfort. 


Instead of being abused with fears from terrifying circumstances, you’ll experience a romantic bliss where the mountains meet the calmest waters. 


Today is a good day. Goodness and love will start coming fast now as you encounter an enhanced time of love and leisure.


I will deliver all that you need and keep you safe, so you can float like flamingo over the waters while grazing from the hidden treasures that I bring. 


Look for moments of spectacular wonder, as I begin to reveal hidden treasures. I will surround you in comforts and restore you with happiness to give you the ultimate relief and deepest healing. 


I am taking you into a time of comfort, where you can escape the chaos and violence of the world and those with malicious thoughts. You’ll have a fairy tale ending, as this story unfolds. 


Instead of just dreaming of what it would be like, I am giving you an encounter to see your dreams in real life. Unimaginable beauty will spread out before you, like endless sugar sand beaches and luxurious emerald waters. 


The blessings that fan out are sure to appeal to your heart. I will whisk you away to walk through a forest of sheer wonders. You’ll gaze upon the kauri trees and discover a plethora of aromatic flowers. 


I will give you time to enjoy this–as you stop to smell the tuberoses and wild orchids. You will find the joy of pausing by the plumerias and inhaling the naturally fragrant oils of the richest pines. 


The beauty that is being uncovered will be boundless, and you’ll be deeply comforted by My protection and kindness. 


I am helping you to live more comfortably–by giving you delightful moments of awe and amazement. I will take you through the winding secret caves where unknown riches are found and marvel you with majestic beauty emerging before your eyes, as hidden beauty is uncovered. 




Scribed by Dannette

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